One of the hardest things I ever had to do was say goodbye to my best friend. Its never easy the second time around and especially since she was with me from the early part of my career. I've struggled all week to say something about my Lexie but how can I put 10 years of great memories in a paragraph. It is with a heavy heart to say last Tuesday December 5th my dog of just shy of 10 years lost her battle with lung cancer. As Dog Parents you do everything for your loved ones and god knows the love I had for this dog I would of gone broke to make her pain go away if I could. When we got the news after bringing her in to check out how her knee surgery was healing that was hard to hear. Its hard to accept a vet tell you your dog is sick when all I see is a happy cheerful dog especially after a year of rehabbing her knee. Lexie was my ride or die dog, she came to me unexpected when my sisters asked me if I wanted her or she will go to a shelter. You can't tell me that and not expect me to take her in especially with that cute face tilted to the side. At first I admit I didn't want her and she made it hard to like especially after destroying everything of value In My damn house. She tore the tongue of brand new shoes that I bought, wore, and threw away all in the same day, I got to admit that still burns. She destroyed 6 and I repeat 6 or my surround sound Bose Speakers, Countless Xbox controllers, 2 Kitchen Chairs, a few holes on the wall, 3 dog kennels, yes I said kennels. I would leave her in before I go to work just to come home to a destroyed house everyday. She would put her body through pain just to get free from the cage by bending the steel rods with her nose. Back then I was so mad but it wasn't until the vet told me that the reason for all this was for her to get close to my scent because she missed me. It got to point where I was buy duplicates of anything I loved knowing that Lexie would most likely destroy it.

The day i realized what a great and caring dog i had on my hands was when i had to go through my other dog who went from being a happy healthy dog to liver failure in a span of two weeks. I wasn't alone I brought Lexie with me and she did something that broke my heart. As the vet was giving the lethal dose to my Odie and as he gasp for ask one last time Lexie broke loose from my dad, knock the vet over and went to him to give him a final kiss on the head. She also laid her head on his and just stayed there. After that day she didn't destroy anything else. Lexie was a kind soul who had a lot of love to give even though she was had a tough exterior. Lexie is also loved by my daughter and fiancé. Lexie had a great impact on them and I know they will always cherish the memories of her. I want to cherish the memories I have of her and have this page dedicated to her. 

Rest In Peace my Negra...

12.22.06 - 12.05.17


Marco is an award-winning Motion Graphics Designer with over 15 years of experience in the broadcast industry. His passion for design started with his cousin’s love of graffiti, eventually shifting to motion graphics. Although he claims to no longer tag walls, he will tag any work that makes it to television. Marco graduated from School of Visual Arts and soon after became a TA for his Portfolio Instructor. He turned that opportunity into a 15-year career teaching Motion Graphics and 3D Design. Currently, he is the Motion Director for iHeartMedia Creative Studios, overseeing the look and feel of 850 radio stations, all iHeartRadio events, onsite activations, video packages, award design and more.